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Repair Surface Skin Damage

If you are under the age of 35 and have managed to keep your time in the sun to a minimum, you are fortunate. If your skin is showing early signs of aging, you can fight back now and, with a Mild or Standard V-derma Skin Care Regimen, bring your skin back to radiant health. You will also be able to undo surface damage to your skin caused by lifestyle choices and habits that work against your skin.

Early Signs of Skin Damage

Dry, tight feeling after washing or showering

Small age spots or increased freckling Irritation or redness of the skin

Clogged pores and periodic breakouts

Slightly rough skin texture / fine lines

Slight skin discoloration caused by sun overexposure or hormonal changes during pregnancy

Causes of Surface Skin Damage

It’s hard for some of us to take skincare advertisements and articles seriously when you’re young and your skin looks good. Young people are typically busy living life and taking their skin for granted. Then you wake up one day and it seems that your face has aged overnight. Where did those small wrinkles come from? And those freckles that remained long after the sunburn had faded? Suddenly, you realize that you can’t play games with your skin anymore. If that’s happened to you, we’re glad you’re here. V-derma products should work beautifully for you, and if all you exhibit is surface skin damage, your skin will respond very quickly to our pharmaceutical grade products.Solutions For surface skin damage, we recommend the V-derma 6-Step Skin Care System or a Customized Regimen designed to suit your skin type. To help restore skin tone and rebuild collagen, we recommend one of our Vitamin C Serums, available in either 10 percent or 5 percent formulations. The role of Vitamin C in assisting with the formation of collagen and elastin has been documented in scientific and clinical publications. The results of using Vitamin C in prescribed regimens and in conjunction with a broad-spectrum sun protection product has shown a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increases in hydration.If you have skin texture that is slightly uneven or coarse, a series of Glycolic Acid Peels may be recommended, which are available in Pad applicators or Gel form. As one of the most popular chemical peel formulas, the Glycolic Acid formula provides a superficial and light peel that requires minimal downtime.

Got eye wrinkles?

Optimize Eye Cream can enhance skin elasticity and restore needed moisture to the skin around your eyes. The Vitamin C Serum in 5 percent formulation is another product that works well for the eye area.

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