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discover the difference pharmaceutical grade makes

The V-derma Skin Care System...Because A Little of This and A Little of That Just Isn't Good Enough


Because V-derma Skin Care products are produced at pharmaceutical strength, they are able to accomplish what no OTC product can!


The question is simple: Why do we continue to buy and use over the counter (OTC) skin care products when they seldom live up to their promises?


Take a moment.

Let's look at the facts:


The Truth About Over-the-Counter Skin Care Products. They're not formulated in a way that allows for penetration beneath the surface layer of the skin. Products that sit on the surface of the skin have a brief effect, at best. A cream for dry skin will be absorbed and your face will be dry – and feel dry – within a matter of hours, if not minutes. Many chemical agents are used as foundations for beauty products, which can be problematic for sensitive skin. OTC products do not treat the underlying skin condition that results in the obvious signs of aging (loss of collagen, reproduction of damaged skin which reproduces the same damaged skin after every surface skin layer is shed. OTC products are, by definition, formulated to be used by anyone and everyone; as such, they contain only minute amounts of the active ingredients that actually treat, repair, and correct skin problems.


The Bottom Line: Give Yourself Products That Actually Repair and Correct Your Skin.


Products that penetrate deeply enough to work beneath the surface of your skin enable you to achieve skin health. V-derma products are pharmaceutical-grade and have been formulated to penetrate deeply, so that they can work on the cellular level. Our Tretinoin cream actually reduces fine wrinkling, discoloration, roughness, and laxity of the skin. It thickens and strengthens the outer layer and coaxes the skin to produce more collagen, which plumps up the face and gives it a younger appearance.Our Hydroquinone-based products even out the skin and reduce discoloration. Most importantly, they work on the cellular level by inhibiting melanin production – which cause the discoloration and age spots that emerge as we grow older. We invite you to retrain your skin back to health with the V-derma Skin Care System, customized to treat your unique skin problems. The plan takes only moments a day, and once your skin has been repaired you can keep it healthy with a simple maintenance plan.


Are you ready to get started?

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