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                                       Optimize Eye Cream





V-derma Optimize Eye Cream treats the cause of puffy eyes  with themost effective ingredients available.

With age comes a loss of skin elasticity weakening muscles. Around your eyes, this results in puffy eyes or eyelid edema. Water may also collect resulting in dark areas around the eyes.The active ingredient in our Optimize Eye Cream - Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5 - prevents eye-puffiness formation by inactivating Superoxide Dismutase, and inhibiting vascular permeability.




Reduces redness with Gorgonian Extract, an effective anti-inflammatory
Reduces fine lines and wrinkle with Bisabolol, Yeast Extract, and Placental Enzymes, three materials known for anti-aging properties
Enhances skin elasticity and smoothness with Glycerin and emollient Squalane, ingredients known to help maintain the epidermal barrier


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